Te Rautini is in a special season. A season, I believe, is the one we were born for. I believe that we are just beginning to walk into the very promises of God as a faith hapori. It is in this season particularly, a deep commitment to Wairua Tapu, a deep connection to the whenua and her people will mark our paths. New songs are being written, culture is being engaged with, people are meeting Jesus. This is the day that we have prayed for, for many years. We prayed for kuia and kaumatua for many years and to now be in a place where kuia and kaumatua sit amongst us is deeply special. That is one example of many regarding the answering and the fulfilment of prayers and hopes. 

We have a choice in this next season…We either choose to believe that Jesus is the way, truth and the life and align our lives accordingly, or we choose cynicism and justify our cynicism at every turn. One way leads to life and it costs us everything, on way leads to death and it costs us everything. You decide. 

Ngaa mihi aroha ki a koutou. Na, kia huri ki te Ariki, ka tangohit te hipoki. Kanohi ki te kanohi, kei reira te tikanga herekore.
Much love to you all. When you turn and face the Lord, he removes the divide. Face to face is where there is freedom. 

Kia Kaha

Chloe Rolleston