Unto Death


-Written by Matt Martyn

In Luke Chapter 24 we catch up with a couple of disciples that are walking along a road and find themselves absolutely crushed.

Their dreams are shattered and they are utterly confused. It seems to them that God missed the moment and got His timing all wrong.

They haven’t slept for a few days, the city that was screaming for blood only days before is now quiet. The crowds have disbanded, and Jesus of Nazareth is dead. Jesus was arrested, tried as an enemy of the state, tortured, and crucified. They had poured their lives into following this Jesus and all that He had promised , and it all came to a thundering halt… its over.

Although this is a unique prophet event, it is a feeling and journey that we all experience at some time or another. It could be a kind of death or grieving of something that you had once hoped for, a person, a job or a marriage, a dream, of health.
We could call this liminal space: Liminal space’ is a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing. It’s the time in between… what once was, and what will be. It can be a disorientating space to be in.
In the disciples' case, Jesus drew near to them in the form of a stranger. He listened to them and allowed them to process. Then He unpacked the scriptures for them to see the divine necessity of the need for Jesus to die.
In our seasons of ‘liminal space’ we need people to walk the road with us, we need to continue to pray and find ways to keep company with God and continue to practice hospitality. As we continue to walk through those seasons, we can trust that Jesus is always closer then we ever thought.

“Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us back on the road?”
Luke 24:32

Chloe Rolleston