Worshipping Through Grief

-Jo Mannering

Kia ora e te whanau.  

We started our new series on Sunday- Kanohi ki te kanohi - Face to face.  We want to spend a few weeks exploring what worship is...and how we can outwork it in our lives.

On Sunday I spoke about 'Worshipping through grief'.  

The Biblical description of 'worship' is so much more than singing 4 songs at church on a Sunday morning. It is our whole lives surrendered to loving and serving God...not like the Pharisees in Matthew 15...Jesus said that they used the right words but had the wrong heart.  Having our hearts turned towards God is the most important thing.  Kanohi ki te kanohi.

None of us, no matter what age we are, is immune to suffering.  Becoming a Christian is not a magic spell that protects you from pain...but it does mean that we have someone to run to in our pain.

If you connect with Te Rautini, then one of our greatest desires is that you would feel safe, known and covered. We pray that this would be your safe place.

I love you guys a LOT!

X Jo

Chloe Rolleston