Connection & Community

-Andy Mannering

As a faith community we love the Sunday space. Where we gather together, are able to grow in our love and honour of God. Freedom and reconciliation happens in the moments where we gather with intent to worship our creator.

We are deeply committed to also grow in our love and honour of others. This in reality can be sparked during a Sunday service, but genuine relationship grows in smaller gatherings. It is over food, and in homes that we are able to be vulnerable and be known by others. It is when we share our stories that our hearts connect. The way we navigate life is often determined by who we are surrounded by.

We are equally committed to this land. We believe God is in this place, and is committed to seeing reconciliation, healing and fulfilment of dreams. God wants us to partner in the outworking of this.  We need to be active and serving outside of ourselves.

Ngaa mihi


Chloe Rolleston