Three to Keep You Free

Kia Ora Kōutou,

I want to leave you with 3 points from Sunday to encourage you. 

1. Celebrate your wins. Losses don’t negate the wins. When you fail to the habits of old, the first thing the devil will make you feel is shame. And, he will also make you feel like all those days and months of freedom before that failure didn’t exist. Sin does not erode the great moments of freedom and its the lie of the enemy that makes us feel like that. Lets say someone struggles with anger. If I go to the gym everyday and eat clean and get to sunday and eat McDonalds, I haven’t undone all that hard work, it doesn’t help, I could have chosen something else to eat, but the progress and consistency I won in the week hasn’t been lost. 

2. Understand the power of the words that come from you. If you want to walk in freedom you have to learn how to bless others and bless yourself with words. If toucan’t bless yourself, my experience is that you become unable to bless others. The rejection, anger, lack of self-worth you have about yourself will always be projected onto others. Speak truth over yourself, so that you can speak truth over others. If you won’t do this, you risk losing relationship regularly and becoming someone that people avoid. Craig Groeschel’s blog is so helpful for this.

3. Accountability is freedom, secrecy is cancer. If you are a closed book, you will not experience freedom that lasts. Sometimes we just can’t will-power or by faith pull ourselves out of the holes we find ourselves in. Sometimes we need people to pick us up. Sometimes we have blindspots too, we can’t see where we are an egg, or where we are repeating bad behaviour without knowing it. We need help. If you want to fail, and not walk in the potential of God, then don’t tell anyone your secrets, don’t let anyone into your life and do it yourself. I talk with my accountability every week. I talk about my struggles and my success and I do so willingly. To be fair I have been raised that way, but when I open my life up to someone and share the worst of me, it’s hard, but the love I receive in return builds my spirit, reminding me that I don’t have to hide because God’s love makes me pure and acceptable.

Be encouraged.

Ngā mihi

Aaron Hardy




Chloe Rolleston